I guess that currently the manga/anime/whatever series that really gives me DEEP FEELS is still Gunnm

I just keep thinking back to it and I still get really upset at some parts, and if you’ve read it you’ll know what I’m talking about.  I feel really bad for not having read it sooner because that was really up my alley.

One day I’ll have the courage to draw nice fanart for it and I will also collect every volume, weh!!

ALSO I’M SO GLAD I ONLY SKIMMED THE START OF LAST ORDER ‘CAUSE YEESH…  I think continuing that series would have sucked out any enjoyment I got from Gunnm for a long time.  8’C

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    Well, thing is, SPOILERS SPOILERS just because there’s all of these awesomecool things in there (Yukito Kishiro is...
  2. greliz said: Man i LOVE Gunnm/Battle Angel Alita! Honestly Last Order is OKAY when the plot is moving, but it’s mostly been shitty tournament fights so YEAH you probably aren’t missing too much. :T
  3. rjbritton said: same, Gunnm is just the best ever. Also Last Order started out fine, but it steadily….went down hill :( it saddens me greatly
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